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What is RSS?

RSS - is one of the formats used for transmitting and describing feeds news, announcements of articles, changes in blogs, etc. Stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. But why do you need this boring theory. Let's get to practice!

RSS - is a very convenient way to get the latest news of your favorite sites.

Instead of visiting are lots of sites to find out whether they updated ...

... you visit just one page and immediately see the entire picture.

Because of the RSS you will save precious minutes of your life and not less precious nerve cells.

Subscribe via RSS is similar to subscribe via e-mail, where all news is coming to your mailbox. But it better since many times the more convenient and functional.

Where to start?

To start using all the benefits of the format RSS, you need a special service called RSS-reader. One of these services is ReaderNews.

To start using ReaderNews do not need to install anything or register, simply sign in via Google+, Facebook or Twitter!

Done! Now you can use the service, and follow the updates your favorite sites using technologies RSS!

How to use ReaderNews?

The interface of service is quite intuitive.

On the right side of the site is a list of the latest news.

On the left side is a list of feeds and the button Add a new feed.

To add the RSS-feed, you need to know its address. The only problem that may arise is how to determine whether have the site RSS feed to add to the ReaderNews and, if so, what is it?

It is best to show the variety of possible situations of real-life examples:

But it is not necessarily search the address RSS-feed manually. For this purpose have been developed extensions for browsers, Google Chrome and Opera which automatically detects RSS feeds on a page and allows you to add them in one click!.

To summarize

Have you attended a course of a young RSS soldier and ready for feats.

Once again the main:

  • RSS is a data transmission format;
  • Using RSS very easy to subscribe to the newsletter favorite sites;
  • One of the services to work with RSS-feeds is ReaderNews;
  • The main functions of ReaderNews are intuitive to use.